Top Art Galleries in Australia

Art galleries do not only provide a great way to view newly created and vintage paintings and other art pieces but also give a view of the history of a Nation. The galleries on this list are all dedicated to providing a sight into Australasia’s history as well as more modern art exhibitions throughout teach year.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria has a lot of significance regarding art as well as its architecture that displays just as much dedication to perfection. Walking through the museum gives a feel of absolute passion and dedication to preserving some of the most renowned art pieces in Australia.

The gallery holds over 73000 pieces of art. The art pieces are held both in the main gallery as well as in The Ian Potter Centre opposite the main gallery. The gallery has extremely notable art pieces, including Shearing the Rams by Tom Roberts, and frequently hosts exhibitions such as the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

This Gallery has been part of the Perth Cultural Centre since 1979. The gallery has over 17000 works of art which include 3000 works of indigenous artists. They have a spectacular emphasis on Western Australian indigenous art, which makes it perfect for tourists and traditionalists to experience some of Australia’s history through art.

They have an extensive collection of sculptural pieces and Twentieth-century Australian paintings. With its location in Perth, it’s also a great destination for tourists t to attend exhibitions and view cultural pieces.

National Gallery of Australia

One of Australia’s largest and oldest galleries, the National Gallery of Australia, was opened in 1967 and kept over 160000 pieces of art, including national, local art, aboriginal Torres Strait Island art, Asian art, and also European and American art.

The Gallery is located in Canberra in the Parliamentary precinct and is home to pieces from renowned artists such as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is located in Canberra. Although the gallery was proposed to be built by Tom Rovers in the early 1900s, it was only built in the late 1990s. The National Portrait Gallery is seen as a major piece of Australian history and holds nearly 400 portraits of Australia’s most influential figures.

The galleries on this list all provide a view into the history of Australia as a Nation.