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As a blog about art, we are always looking for more writers to join our team to write informative articles about art in Australia. All aspects of art should be covered in the means of advice in investments and where to view some of the most prominent national and international artists.

As a blog, we are dedicated to only taking on reputable writers. To be part of our team, you will need to have a vast knowledge of art, establish which pieces might be worth something, and have information on the work style that top artists are working on.

When writing about artists, you will need to be able to write extensively on how their work is perceived by both the public and art experts in the world.

As we are based in Australia, we do not only write about well-known international al artists but also up and coming Australian artists and their exhibitions. This causes us only to take on writers based in Australia but have knowledge of international artists and their work.

Australia writing - Write for Us

If you have knowledge of art and have a passion and love for the industry and the creative process, we urge you to contact us to find out more about becoming a writer for BeinArt Collective Blog.

With most of our readers being new to the idea of dealing with art and wanting advice, you as a writer for this blog will need to be able to advise on how someone could invest in the arts by buying paintings and other types of art pieces.

All writers will need not only expert knowledge of art but also of the English language. You will need to have extensive knowledge of the English language and be able to write with perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Contact BeinArt Art Collective for more information on becoming a writer for the blog.